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認識樹林 / 2023-08-22 / 點閱數: 1807

本校為雙語學校 A 類學校,全年級 1/3 以上配合雙語教學課程。

Shulin Elementary School is an A type bilingual school. One-third of all grade-level courses are integrated with bilingual teaching courses.


The alternative curriculum is coherent with the theme-based and research-based curriculum, creating a learning environment and atmosphere that is "able to think", "active" and "able to express".




The rich and variety mixed-age after-school learning clubs include ukulele, oral English performance, lego creator, unicycle, martial arts, baking, seeing local documentaries, and after-school care groups such as Yongling and learning assistance.




Because the school is small and beautiful, it can pay attention to each child's unique learning and growth.